Clogged culvert floods homes - Metro US

Clogged culvert floods homes

Kevin Sinyerd woke up Saturday to discover his basement flooded and his family’s vehicles in the yard under water. He then did the only thing to do in that situation?

“I tried to go back to bed,” said the Beaver Bank man.

He awoke later when his neighbours canoed over to his house to check if everything was OK. Sinyerd was one of the hardest hit residents in the area of flooding caused by rain, melting snow and a beaver dam.

A clogged culvert turned Davis Drive in Beaver Bank into a pool, washing away some of the road and flooding nearby homes like Sinyerd’s.

Flooding in Sinyerd’s basement has likely damaged many of his possessions. But it’s the personal belongings that could be the biggest blow.

“It’s a mess,” he said of his basement. “All the boxes on the shelves, that’s all our personal belongings, whether it’s photographs of the kids when they’re younger or their schoolwork that we kept. We haven’t gotten into it yet. We’ll deal with that later.”

The family vehicles, including his wife’s new Chevrolet Aveo were completely submerged in water. He’s not sure how much is covered by insurance.

Department of Transportation officials eventually fixed the blockage and by yesterday much of the flooding had subsided. Roads in Hantsport, Oakfield and Beaver Bank are scheduled to be repaired today. Chief among them is Davis Drive.

“Much of the shoulder was washed away,” said transportation spokeswoman Cathy MacIsaac.

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