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Cookies, marijuana and Tegan and Sara: The best of Metro Canada

Every week, our friends across the border at Metro Canada send us some of their most intriguing stories. Read on – and click through – to hear about the most sharable news from the Great White North.

1. Surprise! It’s Michael Bublé!

Bakers at a cookie and cupcake store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, risked sugar overload when crooner Michael Buble walked in, ordered 50 cupcakes and iced cookies for them after a request on Twitter (that the singer professed not to have seen).

Buble had just come from a stop west in Calgary, where he joined two schoolgirl buskers in a viral rendition of You Are My Sunshine. No loonies given in the video, though.

2. What’s it like inside a medical marijuana factory?

medical marijuanaMarijuana can be freely prescribed by Canadian doctors.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Since bulk production of medical marijuana was licensed by the Canadian government in April, huge factories full of the herb have sprouted up across the country. We got inside one in a secret location and talked to some of the workers on the surprisingly intense and careful process of how to make federally-approved pot. “I was in the IT business for years,” one worker told us. “This is pretty far from IT.”

3. Tegan and Sara host World Pride at Metro

World Pride 2014 has come to Toronto, and we invited Tegan and Sara to guest edit. Young people are making big impacts in the LGBTQ world and beyond — from the ‘safe space’ for students, and everyone, in the prairie city of Regina, to some very special t-shirts. Tegan and Sara also introduced their own LGBTQ heroes such as k.d.lang.

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