Cool week ahead for NYC – Metro US

Cool week ahead for NYC

Cool week ahead for NYC
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

After a few glimpses of that humid summer we love to hate, the National Weather Service tells us we can expect a dip in temperatures – and lots of rain – this coming week.

Pack your umbrella on Monday, with thunderstorms and showers expected throughout the day. That’s probably good advice all the way through to Wednesday, with rain on and off for the first half of the week.

On the upside, that also means a fairly low pollen count on those days – something more of us can appreciate every year, as allergies seem to hit more people and harder every season.

Later in the week, the cool temperatures carry on, lingering somewhere between the low 60s and mid-70s. But pollen counts spring back up to above-medium levels by Thursday, so maybe replace that umbrella with tissues and allergy treatments.

By Saturday, expect a return to something close to classic summer weather in the city – high 70s and sunny skies, with just the slightest threat of a thunderstorm brewing.

If you’re planning to be out and about this week, remember that the UV forecast is towards the high end all week regardless of rain or clear skies, so take the usual summertime precautions to protect your skin – starting with sunscreen and a hat.

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