Cop rescued helpless toddler from sweltering car – Metro US

Cop rescued helpless toddler from sweltering car

A cop rescued a crying toddler from a hot parked car Thursday afternoon in New Jersey. Shoppers at Costco in Bergen County noticed a child crying in a hot gray vehicle in the parking lot. The manager at Costco then notified the police.

Before the cops arrived at the scene, a crowd gathered around the car and tried opening a window. One onlooker, Rafael Rodriguez, recorded the incident on her cell-phone.

Due to the extreme heat conditions, the child was crying and sweating profusely. The cop smashed one of the car windows with his baton in order to rescue the child from the suffering conditions, according to Anthony Cureton, spokesperson for Bergen County Sheriff’s office. Officer Sonya Dekier assisted in the rescue and was seen carrying the 2-year-old girl in the cell-phone footage.

The child was taken to the Hackensack University Medical Center and received preliminary care for dehydration. There she was returned to her father. After returning tot the car, the mother wasplaced in custody for endangering a minor and will be prosecuted, Cureton told Metro.

The video clip shows the cop beating the car window and onlookers demanding answers, saying “Who is the mother?” and “Where are the parents?” One replied, “Maybe, they’re shopping.”