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Cops take aim at sex trade

Police executed 18 arrest warrants last week during a crackdown on prostitution on the city’s southeast.

In response to community concerns, police in District 4 conducted a four-day investigation that yielded 28 charges, according to Staff Sgt. Colin Adair.

Adair said about half of those charges were against sex-trade workers and the other half were against sex-trade offenders, more commonly known as johns.

“We’ve got concerns from the public and we’re here to work with the public to try to do what we can,” he said.

“It’s a big social concern as well as a criminal concern in the neighbourhoods, so we’re working hard with the vice unit to do what we can.”

Adair would not name any communities in particular, but said prostitution was happening outdoors, in public.

Staff Sgt. Don Coleman, of the vice unit, said prostitution tends to negatively impact communities in several ways.

“There’s increase in traffic, there’s arguably a criminal element that’s around, often associated with drug use,” said Coleman.

“I think most major cities have prostitution at some level; the Calgary Police Service is committed to making sure that we provide adequate resources at any level.”

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