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Corey Feldman is done with the haters, but ready for Haverhill

Corey Feldman

There’s a new circus in town and it’s not the Ringling Bros., but that kid from “The Goonies.”

Corey Feldman, the actor renowned for his child roles in “Stand By Me” and “The Lost Boys,” also makes music, as evidenced by a now-infamous “Today Show” performance that went viral last September—and not in a good way. But Feldman, who was promoting his latest album “Angelic 2 The Core,” was undeterred. He returned to the “Today Show” in October to prove the haters wrong and now Feldman, alongside his winged all-female backing band the Angels, is taking the show on the road for his “Angelic 2 The Core” tour.

Sure, Feldman’s music won’t light everyone’s fire, but when the tour bus pulls into Haverhill for a two-night residency at the Whiskey Barrel Bar, the actor and musician plans to deliver. The show—part hot tub time machine to the ‘80s, part conversion therapy for the haters—is already notorious.

On the Milwaukee leg of the tour, Feldman knocked his front tooth out with the microphone—and then proceeded to scout around for it. He still finished the show, though. (A fan later found the tooth.) But even the snafus are all gravy to Feldman.

“We give this message of love and light and many people don’t even know what they’re going to experience,” the 45-year-old star says. “But there’s an enlightenment that happens. The ascension is real.”

Here are some highlights from our recent conversation with Feldman.

What to expect from the show:

“There are many different levels. In a nostalgic way, we take people on a bit of a time travel experience. We play songs from the new album, and then we also go back and do film soundtracks, stuff from different chapters from my life and career. We take people through this chronology in history, and bring them back to a happier point. And that right there is the beginning of it. From there, the music is really positive, and it’s a bright and shiny show with colorful lights and fun bells and whistles. All the people on stage are dynamically talented, so it’s not some kind of puppet show.”

On the haters:

“Those people there to hate on me personally are probably surprised to find out that I don’t lip sync, that I play multiple instruments during the show, everybody up there is doing a lot of work and it’s a very serious show and it’s a great show. Of course, the haters want to go in there and laugh at everybody and point their fingers, but even those people find themselves outnumbered. It’s about enlightenment. At the end of the day we go in and we rock.”

On the Angels:

“The band came from my company, Corey’s Angels, which I created five years ago. As a single guy, I was dating all these girls and hanging at the Playboy mansion and I realized that all these girls out here, who had moved here from all over the country, all over the world, had all these aspirations. They wanted to be actresses, they wanted to be models, they want to be in Playboy, and they want to do this stuff that is so limiting to them. Because when I start talking to them and getting to know them, I find that they have all these amazing talents and abilities that they’re not expressing. I just wanted to give them the belief system and the opportunity to maybe fix these girls before they got to the point where they could become better people and believe in themselves.”

Feldman’s musical roots:

“By the time I was 11, I became really aware of music and transfixed by Michael Jackson. But before Michael, the first thing I connected to was KISS and Shaun Cassidy and these pop icons of the ‘70s. I loved the theatrics, the makeup, the costumes. You look at that and what I’m doing today, and it goes back to that.”

If you go:

July 11-12, 6 p.m., Whiskey Barrel Bar, 27 Lafayette Square, Haverhill, $25-$75, ticketfly.com/venue/18819-whiskey-barrel

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