Costco’s 100-calorie vodka popsicles, Slim Chillers, are back — but there’s a catch – Metro US

Costco’s 100-calorie vodka popsicles, Slim Chillers, are back — but there’s a catch

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There’s a reason you can’t get enough of those frozen margs in the summer. The frozen slush is perfect for fighting off the hot and humid weather and the buzz is, well, a deliciously boozy buzz. Now Costco is bringing back that classic combo of cocktail and childhood treat (like Otter Pops) with their Slim Chillers, 100-calorie boozy popsicles.

These boozy popsicles, which are more specifically vodka popsicles, will keep you cool without wrecking your summer slim-down goals — unlike that frozen margarita packed with syrups. Slim Chillers clock in at 100 calories a pop since they use only vodka, juice and a splash of vermouth, but that doesn’t mean they’re short on flavor.

What you need to know about Slim Chillers, the boozy popsicles

First, and perhaps most importantly, you can pick them up at this amazing big box store along with your Costco acai bowl. Second, but worth the reminder, you need to keep them separate from the regular popsicles in your house if you have little kids around who might go rooting in the freezer for treats. That’s because these boozy popsicles boast 8.0% ABV.

But, if you’re of age and planning a picnic, beach day, backyard cookout — basically anything involving the outdoors and your friends — plan on stocking up. You’ll find Slim Chillers offered at Costco (and online in 12 packs through Hi-Time Wine) in four different flavors: Appletini, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop and Watermelon Lemonade.

So what’s the catch with the boozy popsicles?

You need to get your hands on these boozy pops soon, because they’re only around for the summer (shame), and sadly they’re only hitting Costco locations in some states. According to Slim Chillers, those select Costco locations are spread across Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada. You can also pick up at a pack at some BevMo stores in California. See if a location near you stocks them with this finder tool.



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But even if you’re not in one of these areas, it might be worth looking up a location if you plan on hitting Vegas this summer. They pair perfectly with a pool-side lounge chair.