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Could Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia stay with Patriots?

Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia, Patriots
Josh McDaniels is the top head coaching candidate in the NFL right now. Getty Images

Call me crazy, but when it comes to the upcoming offseason, I’m pretty sure the New England Patriots have a plan.


Plans can always change, of course. But if we’ve learned anything about the organization over the last 15-plus years, it’s that they always have one.


If I’m reading the plan correctly, then the idea of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia choosing to stay in New England after this season isn’t all that far-fetched, in my opinion.


I say that because, as of now, the organization’s plan looks to be revolved around Tom Brady. It’s not such a bad plan, regardless of how good Jimmy Garoppolo turns out to be.


Garoppolo-mania has undoubtedly gripped New England. It’s brainwashed some, for sure. And they’ve turned Brady into an average quarterback who’s now become a heel with his evil personal trainer.


They’re calling the Patriots fools for choosing a few more years of Brady, instead of — their words, not mine — 15 years of Garoppolo.


In a league where someone as good as Aaron Rodgers only has one Super Bowl ring in 10 seasons as a starting quarterback, I find it nonsensical to sit here and guarantee multiple championships for someone who’s yet to play one full NFL season.


Don’t get me wrong, Garoppolo looks great. But Brady is about to be crowned MVP and has a chance to win his sixth Super Bowl next month. The fact that I even have to remind some people of that is incomprehensible.


I’m pretty sure the Patriots don’t have to be reminded of that either. And since they’re seemingly all-in on winning as much as they can with Brady for the next couple of years, I’d like to believe this plan has been discussed behind closed doors.


If that’s the case, I’d also like to believe that McDaniels and Patricia were part of the conversation. Question is, will they be all-in on this plan?


To which, I ask, why wouldn’t they want to be?


Like I said, I’m in the minority on this one. It seems to be a foregone conclusion that both coordinators are on their way out the door. But McDaniels has already left once to become a head coach. And while Patricia has yet to leave, there have also been opportunities out there for him in recent years. Yet, here they both are, in New England, and still winning.


McDaniels is 41. Patricia is 43. Let’s say they don’t leave the Patriots this offseason. You’re telling me they’ll never get another opportunity to become a head coach in the NFL?


That’s ludicrous. If they stay, we’ll be doing the same thing next January. We’ll be talking about what teams would be a good fit for each guy. And yes, there will be more job openings next year, and every year after that. The opportunity for McDaniels and Patricia will always be there for them, whenever they want it.


Everyone is assuming the time for them to leave is now. They’re pointing out quarterbacks that McDaniels might enjoy working with — like Mitch Trubisky in Chicago — or defenses that Patricia could improve — like the Detroit Lions.


But what if they both preferred Oakland? The Raiders and Jon Gruden seem destined for a reunion, and it might even be a done deal by the time you read this.


Look, only McDaniels and Patricia know what their plan is next season. But regardless of what they interview for, there is a plan. And from my perspective, it seems the most logical plan would be to try and win a few more Super Bowls with the Patriots while they still can.


Easy for me to say, obviously. When the money’s on the table, nobody could blame McDaniels or Patricia for packing their bags and signing on the dotted line. I’m just telling you, somebody will always be willing to write them that check.


And their number might be even larger if they stick with Belichick and Brady until the very end, which, contrary to what the Garoppolo-maniacs will tell you, might not be a such a bad plan.


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