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Coyote attack leaves dog owner ‘distraught’

Amy Barbaro is searching for answers after being told her puppy Kaiya was mauled by a coyote in a city park while under the care of a dog walking company six weeks ago.

Although Barbaro was told her eight-month-old Morkie — a Maltese/Yorkie mix — had run away after escaping from her leash, she was later contacted by a witness who informed her that her dog had been mauled by a coyote in Nose Hill Park.

“All I did was cry for the three weeks before my wedding,” said Barbaro.

Barbaro had been using the Dog Run walking service since June and on the day of the incident, she was contacted right away by the owner of the company.

“I was of course distraught,” said Barbaro.

Barbaro met up with the dog walker to look for her dog in the park well-known to house wildlife.

After a few days, Barbaro put up posters in the area. Soon she was contacted with the disturbing news that a witness had seen her dog dragged off into the bush by a coyote.

Jessica Gray, co-owner of Dog Run, had picked up Kaiya that day but was not her walker when the incident occurred.

“We feel absolutely horrible about it. This is the only time it has ever happened,” said Gray.

Gray said she was aware of coyotes in the area.

“We did see them that day, but we did not see them take the dog,” said Gray.

Barbaro is after an apology for the loss of her dog and for the breakdown in communication she felt she experienced.

She is also hoping to be reimbursed financially for the purchase price of Kaiya and the money she spent on putting out posters, totalling $1,000.

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