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Creators of mobile app Wynd takes Jets-Pats trash talk to new level

Well, this takes trash talk to a whole new level.

New York Jets fans refer to New England Patriots fans as ‘trash’ and garbage’ on a routine basis. Such is the nature of sports.

Sunday,Jets fans took the whole garbage thing quite literally. Andwith it, trash talk has been re-defined.

On Sunday morning, Jets fans delivered garbage to a Patriotstailgate, although it was disguised as a gift and not the coal that was inside. Essentially creating a ‘Trojan Horse,” Gamal Helmy and Leonard Schaltz gift-wrapped an incredibly large box of trash in Patriots colors and took it to MetLife Stadium ahead of the Jets hosting the Patriots on Sunday.

The two trucked in the decked-out container in the middle of a Patriots tailgate in Lot G and left. Intrigued by the large box in their team’s colors, the New England fans tore into it, only to find the outside of the container bearing messages of Jets fans hate and the inside filled with garbage.

The disappointed Patriots fans take to stomping on the trash inside the container, something they probably wish happened to whoever made the decision to kick-off in overtime. The Jets would take the ball on the first possession of overtime and, in five plays, wouldmarch80 yards for a game-winning touchdown drive.

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HelmyandSchaltzare two Jets fansandentrepreneurswho created the appwynd, a downtown New York City shipping start-up. The duocustom-built a container (10 ft. x 8 ft. x 5 ft.) and they tookthe box aroundto eachof the city’s fiveboroughs.

It was well within the wheelhouse of the founders ofwyndto execute this and ship it to a random Patriots tailgate. After-all, this start-up promises free pick-up and packing and that they can offer “same-day delivery in New York City within an hour.”

“We went to sports bars on Sunday, we went to Times Square at night, we went around Brooklyn and even to Staten Island,” Helmy told Metro.

The container had all sorts of nasty messages written on it to Patriots fans, with the inside bearing not just trash-talk but actual trash.

“Ranging from half-eaten pizza slices and beer cans to some card boxes left out at a bodega to Shake Shack wrappers to some fish-smelling stuff fromChinatown,” Helmy said.

“One sporting goods store even gave us a [Tom] Bradyjerseyfor it. Which soon was sprayed over with an orange X.”