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Crunch Time: Tony Romo to Broncos rumors pop up

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These days, when a big name general manager from organization A. and a big name player who has been mentioned in trade rumors from organization B. are breathing the same air at a party – that constitutes as a trade rumor. So when Denver GM John Elway and Cowboys QB Tony Romo were spotted at the victory party for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) this past week, that got Broncos fans buzzing.

Things worked out great for Peyton Manning in Denver when he signed there in 2012 at the age of 36. Coincidentally, Romo is 36 right now and – like Manning was five years ago – is battling significant injuries. Don’t be surprised if Elway rolls the dice again.

Fishy story

Instead of suiting up for Super Bowl LI in 11 days, former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes will likely be mulling legal options. Spikes, who played with the Buffalo Bills this past season, had a portion of his paychecks garnished this past season because he didn’t pay “The Fish Guy.”

“The Fish Guy” is an “aquatic serves” company in Massachusetts that transports aquatic creatures – among other things. Spikes had his tropical fish and aquarium moved from Rhode Island to Buffalo a couple years back by “The Fish Guy,” but the linebacker just never paid up apparently. Spikes’ attorney claimed in 2015 that Spikes shouldn’t have to pay because some of the fish died during transportation.

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