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Cuckoo for clogs

There’s a new footwear craze ushering in spring: Clogs. Yes, that’s right, they’re back.

But before you choke on your latté while imagining donning a pair of humble Dutch-style all-wood shoes painted yellow, take comfort in the fact that 2010 clogs have been reworked into updated versions.

Those that marched down the runways in New York, Paris, London and Milan, featured luxurious suede and leather uppers, and ranged in styles, from Prada’s leather sandal clogs to the stiletto clogs at Yves Saint Laurent, to the studded platform clogs (reminiscent of the ’70s disco era) at Chanel.

Christine Carlton, divisional director of accessories at Holt Renfrew, who always has her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, says, “It was definitely everywhere. It’s the trend with every brand. The standard is the low wood construction, but many of the designers did create a high heel clog, which is obviously their take on it.”

“A clog is very of-the-’70s and we’re starting to see a little bit more of that boho chic,” says Carlton, adding, “there’s always different eras that many designers go back to, and everything has a life cycle, so everything comes back over and over again.”

Still, if the clunky look of the clog hasn’t sold you on getting a pair for spring, perhaps their wearability will. “It’s actually a comfortable shoe because it’s a solid wood construction bottom,” explains Carlton. Regardless, as Carlton points out, a trend is a trend and clogs are fashionable again.

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