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Cuomo meets with Trump to talk about policies and infrastructure


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sat down with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower for about an hour Monday morning to discuss the potential impact of policy changes.

Cuomo said he and Trump discussed the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act, homelessness, andthe big infrastructure projects that Cuomo has been planning across the state which may necessitate federal funding.

“Basically the conversation was about both the opportunities for the state of New York and the needs of the state of New York,” he told reporters while exitingthe meeting.

Cuomo has vowed to protect the diverse interests of New Yorkers and keep them safe from Trump’s potentially intrusive policies. In his series of six State of the State speeches he committed himself to protecting the rights of women, immigrants, the middle and lower classes and religious groups with progressive policies.

He pointed out to Trump that repealing the Affordable Health Care Act would leave 3 million New Yorkers without health insurance.

“A proposal that’s being discussed that would end the deductibility of state and local taxes, for example, which would be devastating for New York, California etc,” Cuomo said.

He said that Trump seemed informed about the current health care law and potential options.

“He is a New Yorker and my sense is he understands exactly what I was saying and the magnitude of what I was saying,” Cuomo said. “Three million uninsured people would be a problem.”

The last time Cuomo and Trump spoke was a phone conversation after the election in November in which he said having a New York native as president would be advantageous for large-scale infrastructure improvements that may need federal assistance.

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