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Dad hails son as hero after blaze

After Darcy Cole, 26, barely escaped his smoke-filled 27th Avenue suite, he rescued his dad and neighbours.

“My son’s a hero,” said his father.

At 5:50 a.m. yesterday, Cole awoke to a room full of smoke and a floor so hot it burned his hands as he crawled to the door. The basement suite, just beneath his bedroom, was in flames.

“I couldn’t see at all,” said Cole. “I collapsed just before I got to my (bedroom) door. I thought I was dying. But I came back to and when I opened the door, smoke let out.”

He quickly woke his father in the next room and then rushed to alert other residents sharing the six-plex. The occupant of the burning suite was away.

Now, said Cole, “I need new everything. All my clothes are black.

“The landlord and Red Cross want us to come back tomorrow, but I never want back in that room again.”

The multiplex’s owner wouldn’t comment except to say that the building, which he purchased just a couple weeks ago, is now a “complete disaster.”

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