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Dalhousie building vandalized

A 19-year-old student allegedly broke in to a Dalhousie University admin­istration building and trashed the third-floor hallway.

Police were called in at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday night. The security guards closed the exits and the suspect was arrested by police.

Charles Crosby, a Dalhousie spokesman, said much of the damage was cleaned up at the Henry Hicks building yesterday.

“The most obvious was the fire extinguisher: At least two were emptied out onto the floor and into the stairwell,” he said.

A few window panes were smashed, fire alarms were torn apart and a fire bell was removed from the wall.

“Some furniture was damaged as well.”

The elevator isn’t working, but Crosby said it’s unclear whether it was broken before the incident.

The estimated cost of damages also isn’t clear at this point because of the elevator issue, and Crosby said he doesn’t know why the third floor was targeted.

“We’re not sure of the motives behind it, but it doesn’t appear to be theft,” he said.

The suspect will be in court on Oct. 19 to face charges of break and enter and property damage.

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