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Dancing queen

Name Kristine W

Occupation Singer

I’m not sure if Madonna or Janet Jackson are keeping score, but they’ve been eclipsed on the dance charts by Kristine W, who performed at the entertainment complex, CiRCA, last night.

The gal from Pasco, Wash., recently scored her tenth No. 1 Billboard dance hit, Walk Away. That puts her three notches above Madge and Jackson’s seven No. 1’s.

“I have not met them, but I think I am having way more fun than either of them. Money has never driven my art,” she explains, “and that’s probably why I don’t have much, but I am rich in family, friends and fans.”

Likewise with faith.

The singer, songwriter, producer (and closet saxophonist and guitarist) waged a painful battle against leukemia in 2001. A “horrific” year of complete body radiation and chemotherapy followed, shares Kristine. “I thought I was going to die a few times, but God pulled me through. I was afraid to leave my two babies without a mother.”

She has been in remission for the past five years. And for the past year, she’s been busy recording two new albums due out next year.

First off is The Power Of Music. Powerhouse talents Love To Infinity, Hex Hector, Tracy Young and Tony Moran (who produced Walk Away) are mixing dance tracks alongside a selection of R&B ballads.

She also sings jazz. “Jazz improvisation is my specialty,” reveals Kristine, who’s called upon musicians that have worked with Carlos Santana to lay down the double jazz CD, Straight Up With A Twist.

And how’s this for a twist? Kristine used to be a teen jazz choir singing competition champ. She’s also a former Miss Washington and 1982 Miss America talent winner that went on to conquer Sin City with multiple Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year awards before evolving into a dance diva.

“I always wanted to write and perform dance music because of its energy. You can deliver a dark or happy message and people will still party on,” says Kristine.

For more on Kristine W, log onto www.kristinew.com.

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