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Danskin’s sexy — and tasteful —new campaign

These ladies look hot! Danskin knows how to get us back in the gym or yoga class. The dance apparel and activewear brand just launched a new campaign today called “Move for Change” to motivate women to have healthier lifestyles. Their method: four ads featuring Hilary Duff, Jenny McCarthy, Padma Lakshmi and Christie Brinkley partaking in their fitness routine of choice and wearing sexy workout gear. The ads come with an inspiration quote from the ladies as well; but lets face it, we’re in it for the pictures. Hilary hikes, Jenny prefers yoga, Padma boxes and Christie gets her dance on. These pics are like the fitness version of a Carl’s Jr. ad. OK, fine, they’re not that suggestive. Each of these ladies looks beautiful and tough and as part of their participation, Danskin has made donations to each of their charities. Want more? Go to Danskinmove.com for tips from each on working out and advice on what to eat — and, of course, you can purchase the hot workout clothes. We’ll see you there.