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Dartmouth junior high security footage goes viral

Security footage of a March confrontation between a Dartmouth junior high principal and a student has gone viral.

The video, obtained and posted by Halifax gossip magazine Frank, appears to show an altercation between Ken Fells, then the principal of Graham Creighton Junior High, and a student.

The video depicts Fells attempting to detain the student, blocking his path. The student appears to push Fells arm out of the way, before being put in a headlock, thrown to the ground, and taken down the hallway to the office. The footage ends there.

As of yesterday afternoon, “Graham Creighton Jr. High Video” had received more than 73,400 hits on YouTube. Commenting on the footage has been closed by the popular video sharing site.

Fells was relieved of his duties as principal of Graham Creighton on May 20, after a marathon meeting of school board officials. He remains an employee of the Halifax Regional School Board.

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