Daryl Hall, Youth Lagoon, Cloud Nothings and more on latest podcast – Metro US

Daryl Hall, Youth Lagoon, Cloud Nothings and more on latest podcast

If you don’t get goosebumps during this show at least once, you are a robot!

We’ve got music and/or conversation from Alabama Shakes, Bob Marley, Youth Lagoon, Nirvana, Lower Dens, Cloud Nothings, Django Django, Kasabian, Daryl Hall and Gotye in this, the Third Anniversary celebration of the very first MMMPod.

After journeying down to Austin, Texas for SXSW, I bring forth awesome tunes and interesting personalities, including a 60-something Jamaican named Little Roy, who covers Nirvana songs!

See that window below this text? That’s one way that you can get the latest podcast to play, by clicking on the head of Little Roy, in the center right there. But after you click, keep reading, because there’s more I want to say.
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So as part of the SXSW coverage, Little Roy talks about the ghost of Kurt Cobain, the Alabama Shakes encourage you to “Hold On,” and Youth Lagoon trade questions with Cloud Nothings as Kasabian trade questions with Django Django. Additionally, Jana Hunter of Lower Dens talks about computers taking over the world!

In non-SXSW-related MMMPod happenings this month, movie director Kevin MacDonald talks about his new documentary, “Marley,” Gotye talks about the inspiration for “Somebody That I Used to Know” as Daryl Hall talks about the inspiration for one of the best Hall and Oates songs in the whole world.

Oh, and Milli Vanilli are somehow also part of this stew.