De Blasio’s ‘blood is boiling’ after Cruz ‘New York values’ remarks – Metro US

De Blasio’s ‘blood is boiling’ after Cruz ‘New York values’ remarks

De Blasio’s ‘blood is boiling’ after Cruz ‘New York values’ remarks
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Despite reportedly offering sort of an apology to those he insulted with his criticism of “New York values,” Ted Cruz continues to face the wrath of New York elected officials who were disgusted with his remarks.

During last week’s Republican debate, the Texas senator criticized Donald Trump for “embodying New York values”and went on to say “ I think most people know what New York values are… not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan.

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New Yorkers were outraged with the comments, turning to social media with the hashtag #NewYorkValues.

Mayor Bill de Blasio voiced his anger and said his “blood is boiling right now” during a phone interview with John Catsimatidis on his radio show Cats Roundtable.

“We’re the biggest city in the country; we’re the greatest city in the country — for him to play to the — you know, his political base and play his political game against the values and interest of eight-and-a-half million Americans is absolutely disgusting,” de Blasio said. “He is very happy to come here and raise money. So, he’ll take New York money; he’ll take a big loan from Goldman Sachs, and then he turns around and attacks the people of New York.”

De Blasio also pointed out that although he doesn’t “lightly say” he agrees with Donald Trump, he believes the way Trump characterized New Yorkers in response to the comments was “exactly right.”

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“The same city that was withstood the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and rebuilt, and showed such strength, and such grace — we deserve respect from someone who says he wants to be president of all these United States,” the mayor said.

Catsimatidis also chimed in calling on all New Yorkers who might have given money to Cruz.

“Call him up, tell him you want you money back,” he said.

According to CNN, on Friday Cruz did not directly apologize for his comments but instead said he apologized “to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by the liberal politicians” in the state.