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Dealing with the office over-talker

Talk is cheap — but too much of it can come with a heavy price.

At least that’s the case, career counselors say, for the bureau blabbermouth — the roundtable rambler who gobbles up all the talk time in the office meeting, billowing endless ideas like a bagpipe of opinions.

If you’ve worked long enough in the milieu of mundane meetings and over-caffeinated managers, you’ve surely encountered, nay, endured such a creature. If you’re really lucky, it wasn’t you because over-talking is among the easiest ways to sour workplace relationships. It might even put you on the street.

“It can go as far as getting you close to fired,” warns Dale Kurow, an executive coach in Manhattan. “I’ve seen it.”

Employees who rattle on do so for a litany of reasons, according to New York City career coach Jane Cranston.

“Some people are nervous, some people can’t tolerate silence, some people just think they have a lot to say,” she says.

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