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Deep barbecue thoughts

With warmer weather around the corner, many Canadians are ready to get grilling. Canadian Tire has the following information to help you barbecue like a pro this summer.

First, choose the right grill. Propane and charcoal barbecues are popular choices and each has its own benefits.

Propane & Natural Gas – Propane and natural gas barbecues heat up quickly: Simply open propane tank or natural gas valve, push igniter button and you’re ready to grill. The fully adjustable flames allow heat levels to be controlled at all times and multiple burners allow foods to be prepared simultaneously on different burners at different temperatures.

Charcoal – Charcoal barbecues can be a more affordable alternative to gas grills. Charcoal barbecues provide an authentic smokey flavour as well as intense aromas while searing food on a hot grill and sealing in the natural juices.

Infrared Cooking Barbecue – New this year, infrared barbecues cook food from the inside out to seal in moisture and flavour resulting in a juicier, tastier cut, just like what you would enjoy at a high-end restaurant.

Additional considerations:

Cooking Surface – There are many different types of cooking surfaces. Chrome is the most popular type of surface. A porcelain-coated surface is non-stick, making it easier to use and clean, while a cast-iron surface provides even heat distribution to sear meat perfectly. Stainless steel surfaces are a durable option as they are rustproof so the surface will not chip or burn.

Rear/Side/Rotisserie Burners – These burners provide extra space for cooking and also allow you to cook different items without mixing tastes.

BTUs – Standing for British Thermal Unit, BTU is a measurement of heat output. While it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, it is important to consider. Make sure you calculate BTUs from the true square footage of the barbecue and include side, back and rotisserie burners.

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