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Delay in banning pesticides ‘a concern’

With uncertainty and numerous delays, Calgary’s proposed bylaw to eliminate the cosmetic use of pesticides could be just around the corner.

Organizations in support of the bylaw such as the Clean Calgary Association have been worried about the delay of putting the bylaw into effect.

“(The delay) is definitely a concern, and it’s a concern amongst the organizations that had really worked toward the bylaw, so it was certainly a concern that it got really delayed,” said Natalie Odd, the executive director of the Clean Calgary Association.

Although there has been a delay on the bylaw, Clean Calgary has said they’ve been assured by the city that they will be presenting a draft bylaw in October.

This means that the bylaw won’t play a factor in this year’s lawn and garden keeping season but has the potential to affect next year.

City hall battled over the banning of cosmetic pesticides on residential properties late last year and a bylaw was drafted from that discussion.

Several city pesticide applicators have been opposed to the bylaw implementation, saying it will significantly curb their business and reduce profits.

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