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Dems consider dropping DNC chair

Wasserman Schultz speaks during the DNC's 22nd Annual Women's Leadership Forum Nat
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Less than two months before its conventionin Philadelphia, Democrats are considering giving theDemocratic National Committee’s (DNC) chairwoman the boot.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz faces growing criticism from within the party. Supporters of both the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns fret that Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida, has become too divisive a figure to properly lead the party’s national convention in July, The Hill reported.

Why? Because, as the Sanders camp once put it, she’s been “throwing shade.”

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This potential party shake-up comes after months of alleged favoritism toward the party’s presumptive nominee.

Critics of Wasserman Schultz say she intentionally scheduled Democratic debates on Sundays, when there would be low viewership, including one on Super Bowl Sunday. A Senate candidate later accused the DNC of packing debate audiences with Clinton supporters, the Washington Times reported.

A VICE report found that the Clinton camp was renting office space in the party’s Nevada headquarters. The report said “it was hard to tell where the Democratic Party’s office ended and the Clinton office began.”

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Sanders’ campaign spokeswoman spoke out, telling VICE “none of our offices are located within the Nevada State Democratic Party or any of their affiliate offices,” and that the campaign wasn’t offered any similar office space.

Wasserman Schultz co-chaired Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Since Clinton announced her 2016 campaign, Wasserman Schultz has repeatedly claimed her nonbias in the election.

On Tuesday, a GOP superPACgave Wasserman Schultz the thumbs-up for increasing tension among Democrats, which has boosted Republican gains, The Hill wrote.

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American Crossroads, founded by Karl Rove, sarcastically endorsed Wasserman Schultz, who is up for re-election in Florida.

On Sunday, Sanders told CNN that he plans to​endorse Wasserman Schultz’s opponentTim Canova in Florida’s 23rd congressional district. He added that if he was elected president, he would terminate her chairmanship of the DNC.

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