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Derek and Hannah Jeter are expecting!

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Add another couple to the list!

Celebrity couple #329 — I’m assuming, because everyone is pregnant at this point — Derek and Hannah Jeter are expecting their first child. The 26-year old model, formerly of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fame, announced her pregnancy on The Player’s Tribune.

The for athletes, by athletes media site, which is owned by Derek Jeter himself, has a new column where athletes’ friends and family members gush about how darn great they are. Hannah Jeter thought that was the perfect opportunity to announce a. her pregnancy and b. that she thought he was a pitcher.

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That’s chill.

The pair married in July 2016 after dating for three years. According to E! News, they are extremely excited and in love, and are super looking forward to having a family.

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Congratulations to the couple who just can’t stop telling us how damn happy they are!

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