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Dexter calls on voters to ignore Tory attack ads

NDP Leader Darrell Dexter says recent attack ads against his party from the governing Conservatives are misleading and hopes voters will ignore them.

Dexter responded to the ads at a press conference in Dartmouth Monday.

“Out of these guys, absolutely nothing will surprise me,” Dexter said, referring to the ads which include a family being forced to commute on a bicycle because of high gasoline prices, which the Conservatives argue would take place under a New Democrat government.

The Tories have bought ad space on radio, TV, and are using their website to campaign opposite the NDP in hopes to sway voters.

“They’re trying to mislead Nova Scotians about the NDP and about me,” Dexter said.

Jordi Morgan, a campaign spokesperson for the Conservatives, said the NDP have released their fair share of attack ads, but most of them “focus on the leader.”

“Darrell Dexter is clearly not engaging in a public policy debate; the NDP are attacking our premier,” Morgan said.

“We’re not doing anything to make Darrell Dexter look ridiculous,” he added in reference to the ads. “What we’re doing is we’re making his particular policies look ridiculous.”

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