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Dez Bryant NFL rumors Patriots Redskins Seahawks in the mix?

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Dez Bryant is the king of the cryptic social media post, even if most of what he puts out there never really comes to fruition. There was that infamous Instagram comment earlier this offseason where he said, straight-up, that he wanted to play for the San Francisco 49ers and he almost daily posts something that has people scratching their heads. On July 8 he posted a picture of a monkey on Instagram, and then on July 12 he posted the following: “Win! Win, win, win, win. F**k everything else. Win, win, win, win.” This is now fueling Dez Bryant NFL rumors Patriots Redskins Seahawks and teams that may be in the mix.

Obviously when the bottom line is “winning,” the immediate speculation leads to the New England Patriots and in the Instagram post there were many Patriots fans speculating that Dez could be on his way to Foxboro.

Drobofficial posted, “Come to the Pats. With you a ring is imminent.”

m.kelley3 posted, “Patriot Nation, we’re on the way!!”

Uncle Elliot posted, “Buck Down. It gets cold in Foxboro.”

Bryant did not respond to any of these pro-Patriots comments like he did with the 49ers post. Perhaps he learned a lesson.


Will Dez Bryant NFL rumors Patriots Redskins Seahawks persist?

Social media aside, several of Dez’ former teammates want to see him join them in their new NFL locations. Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Germain Ifedi was featured on the Good Talk podcast earlier this week and promoted a Dez – Seahawks union.

“It would be a great fit,” Ifedi said. “Pure talent, Hall of Fame numbers, greatness over a long period of time. You can’t beat that.

“I’m surprised he’s still without a job, maybe he’s just waiting and seeing what happens,” Ifedi continued. “He fits into just about any locker room. I think he fits in any offense.”

Dez Bryant NFL rumors Patriots Redskins Seahawks in the mix

The Seahawks signed wide receiver Brandon Marshall earlier this offseason, immediately halting any “Dez to the Seahawks” chatter. But Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is known for handling big personalities, at least at first. Marshall was a model citizen in his last two stops, and Dez will be looking to rebuild his own brand wherever he lands. In Seattle, with the Seahawks might still be a strong option for Dez. Dez Bryant NFL rumors Patriots Redskins Seahawks could be a reality.

The Redskins have also been consistently linked to Dez, way back to when Dez said he wanted to play with an NFC East team in order to be able to play the Cowboys twice per year. Washington also is in need of help at the wide receiver position, and former teammate Orlando Scandrick said earlier this month that he wants Dez in a Redskins uniform.

“You pair Dez with Alex Smith and I think that’s a great matchup,” NFL Network analyst Shaun O’Hara said recently. “You don’t want Dez to go to a young team with a young quarterback. Dez knows his years are numbered too. To go with a veteran quarterback in Alex Smith, who is so accurate and is so good throwing those 50/50 balls that Dez can grab. I think it could be a good fit.”