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Did Ed Sheeran get married?

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Ed Sheeran got “married” over the weekend, and not to girlfriend Athina Andrelos. When the singer found out that one of his fans, 19-year-old Katie Papworth, was suffering from brain cancer and wanted to marry him, Sheeran flew to her hospital bedside to see her.

There, Papworth presented Sheeran with a wedding ring. Just two weeks ago, Papworth lost her eyesight as an effect of her brain cancer, so Sheeran’s visit came during one of her most trying times and truly lifted not only her spirits, but her family’s and other hospital patients as well.

Besides a wedding ring, Papworth also gave Sheeran a “Lego House” drawing, which Sheeran signed “Dear Katie, lovely to finally meet my wife.” Are you crying yet?

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