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Discover why an MBA is a smart investment

Discover why an MBA is a smart investment

MBA courses remain a popular choice for postgraduate students, and for a good reason: they pay off. Graduates of this internationally-renowned course benefit from improved careers increased earnings and expanded contact networks. Students are taught vital business skills and build up experience that would take them much longer to attain in the real world – not to mention many business schools include international options, vital in our globalized society.

For some, the cost of the course can be a dissuading factor. But these worries can be allayed by understanding the potential return on investment of an MBA:

MBA programs move with the times

MBA programs are constantly evolving. Wherever business schools sense an area of interest among prospective students that is backed up by industry opportunities and demand, they will invariably seek to encompass a subject area in their curricula. This means MBA graduates are prepared for the challenges that arise from the rapidly changing world of work.

Modifications to course offerings and initiatives are made each year by leading schools. A great way to find out if an individual institution is taking their MBA program in new directions, that match your ambitions, is to talk to school representatives in person, at an event such as the QS World MBA Tour, which comes to Boston on January 18th and NYC on January 19th.

Measuring the impact of investing in an MBA

Before applying for the course, prospective MBAs must first consider the value of the qualification and the impact it might have on their future career.

Money will never be the only way in which a person can measure their ‘MBA impact’ but the often significant cost of the qualification pushes it to the forefront of applicants’ minds. This is why the company behind the QS World MBA Tour undertakes ROI (return on investment) research which aims to measure the financial gains you can expect to receive if you pursue an MBA. In the most recent research conducted it was found that full-time MBA graduates across the US and Canada achieved an average salary uplift of 74%, pre to post-MBA.

The immediate impact then is considerable. But, what about the medium and long-term financial benefits? The report also estimated how much more an MBA graduate could expect to earn, as opposed to someone without the qualification.

A decade after graduation, MBAs from schools across the US and Canada were estimated to be an average of US$419,161 better off, financially. The question before you now is whether you consider this an impact worthy of your investment.

If you’re looking to learn more about the MBA programs offered by leading business schools around the world and want to speak directly with their admissions directors, come to the QS World MBA Tour event in your town. By attending, you’ll also become eligible for QS’s exclusive MBA scholarships!

Learn more at:  https:// www.topmba.com/events/qs-world-mba-tour/usa-canada/

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