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Displaced pastor keeps the faith

One displaced Mayfair resident relied on his faith to get through the stressful ordeal of not having a home for almost two weeks.

Ken Wilsdon, 59, has been a pastor for 35 years and said the ordeal was something he “wouldn’t wish upon anyone,” adding he prayed daily for his fellow residents.

“I know I’m a lot luckier than a lot of the people in the building, and there were some residents worse off than me financially,” Wilsdon said.

“The stress has been really high, and I think my faith in knowing things will work out in the end really helped get me through.

“It’s just believing that in the end it will be OK.”

And though Wilsdon said Enmax’s response has been good, he believes people should also be compensated for the emotional and mental stresses they’ve experienced.

“My doctor says my stress levels are skyrocketing, my blood pressure is up. It’s been tough on us,” he added.

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