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Diva vs. the baby: The Patti LaBelle story

If you are a baby and happen to come across singer Patti LaBelle, it’s best if you pull up your diaper, grab your rattle, and crawl right out of there.

It was disclosed Tuesday in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that the singer screamed obscenities at a toddler and threw a punch at the baby’s mother (who also happens to be a school teacher) sometime this year.

The mother, Roseanna Monk, is now suing LaBelle, who was living in her Manhattan apartment building while appearing on Broadway’s Fela.

Apparently, this is what happened, according to Monk’s lawyer, reports The New York Daily News:

The 18-month-old toddler, named Genevieve, was “scampering” around the apartment building’s lobby when LaBelle, who is described as being in “full star regalia with oversize shades and a fur coat” became upset at the baby as she walked through.

“‘What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?’ she reportedly yelled. And then, according to the lawyer yet again, ‘started screaming at my client, throwing water from a bottle at the mother’s face and the baby’s face.’”

As if that wasn’t enough, LaBelle then took a swing at the baby’s mother.

She then was shoved into a waiting car by her entourage and the baby “violently” threw-up.

So far, LaBelle hasn’t responded to the allegations.

She’s probably too busy not-babysitting to do so.

And in other baby news…

Christina Applegate might not want to have LaBelle as a guest star on her TV show Up All Night anytime soon.

As she tells The View, having her nine-month-old daughter Sadie around was a priority when deciding to do the new NBC show.

“My whole thing was, ‘I’m not doing this unless I can bring her.’ So they had to build me a room for her and it’s got her toys and a crib and she takes her naps there,” the actress explained. “That’s called a crazy mother who said, ‘No, I’m not doing anything unless I can be with my baby.’”

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