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DIY pet accessories that are actually easy to make

DIY pet accessories that are actually easy to make

Love to pamper your pet? Even if you aren’t the craftiest person around, some of the most creative DIY pet accessories actually aren’t that hard to pull off. We’ve tapped three do-it-yourself experts who are here to share some of their favorite pet projects.

Read on for a handful of super-cute, totally easy accessories your favorite four-legged pal is sure to love.


Who says cushy bumper pads are only for cribs? Amanda Green Bottoms, the female half of Kevin & Amanda, breaks down the ins and outs of cozying up your pet crate.

“These easy DIY custom crate covers and bumper pads make cold metal dog crates more comfy, cozy and inviting—not to mention cute!” she says.

To pull it off, she advises choosing a doggie bed first. (This is actually something she wishes she’d done the first time around.) After you’ve decided on the bed, all you need is coordinating fabric to match and some thick foam for the cushion.

After encasing the cushy foam in the fabric, the next step is to create the crate cover, which is essentially just more fabric and some cute ribbon to cover up the raw edges. The finished product looks like a chic dog crate from an expensive pet boutique.For full instructions, click here.


Most cat lovers can attest that felines love to climb. (TV stands, dressers and bookshelves are usually fair game.) The typical alternative is one of those fuzzy cat trees. While the cat is happy enough, the pet-owner is left with an eyesore in their living room.

<p>Repurposed shelves from Ikea make for the perfect cat tree.
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<p>Repurposed shelves from Ikea make for the perfect cat tree.
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<p>“When I wanted to get my cats Taiyo and Vashti a nice cat tree, I quickly became aware that there are hardly any nice-looking options that are also affordable,” says Tatiana Vandersluis of <a href=Tatiana’s Delights.

“At first I bought a ‘regular’ cat tree, but that was too bulky in my small apartment.”

Enter the new-and-improved cat tree, which is really nothing more than carpeted wall shelves.

“My DIY skills are very limited,” adds Vandersluis. “However, with these cheap Ikea pieces, it was extremely easy to create a cat tree that me and my cats are still happy with today.” For full instructions, click here.


A bulky bag of pet food in the pantry not only takes up tons of space; it also invites bugs and other pests into your home. Cheryl Sousman, the creative genius behind Tidy Mom, has a better idea.

<p>This custom dog food canister used to be a popcorn tin.
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<p>This custom dog food canister used to be a popcorn tin.
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<p>“It’s a ‘knock-off’ idea,” she admits, adding that the retail version sells for upwards of $50. “This cost me very little to make and looks much better than a dog food bag sitting in our kitchen.”</p>
<p>All you need to swing this project is an old popcorn tin, some spray paint and a few stencils. Sousman actually used a Christmas-themed tin she found at a garage sale for 50 cents. She uses hers for dog food storage, but they can be repurposed to hide any number of things.<i>For full instructions, click </i><a href=here.