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Do helicopters actually help fight crime?

Police helicopters, an invaluable crime-fighting tool that keeps our streets safe, or high-tech toys for the boys (and girls) of the Edmonton Police Service? According to the Facebook group Quiet In The Skies (QUITS), it’s the latter.

QUITS maintains Air One and Air Two have not played a significant role in crime reduction. I have no facts with which to support or refute that assertion. However, my own experience supports their contention that, “City residents are regularly awoken by the obtrusive noise produced by police helicopters hovering over their homes, making them feel unsafe in their once quiet neighbourhoods.”

On several occasions I have been woken by one of the police whirlybirds. Like the members of QUITS, I am no fan of military style surveillance in my neighbourhood. If the helicopters have actually reduced crime, perhaps the EPS needs to do a better job of communicating that information to the public. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel quite so ticked off when a helicopter flies over my house.

On a completely different note, how do you feel about the ominous threat by People Engaged in Theatrical Absurdity (PETA) to sue Edmonton for mistreating Lucy the elephant? According to PETA we are all tacit perpetrators of torture.

I wonder what could be achieved if PETA and like groups spent their collective energy supporting something like Amnesty International. Maybe they could help free people who are suffering real torture at the hands of real monsters.

Animals seem to bring out some of the stranger aspects of some human beings. I guess that’s why the Edmonton Humane Society was castigated for encouraging people to dress up their animals for its Fantastic Furry Fashion Show. A representative for Voices for Animals maintains this practice is “inhumane.” Inhumane? Goofy maybe. Tacky perhaps. Inhumane? No.

Apparently, animals prefer to remain unclothed and are embarrassed at having to wear outfits. I had no idea they felt that way. I thought only Doctor Doolittle could actually talk to the animals, but apparently he was just one amongst many who have that wonderful skill.

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