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Do you recognize Dictionary.com’s new words?

Burkini New Word Online Dictionary 2017

Sick of people asking you what you mean when you say you’re “hangry” or you love your man’s “dad bod” while he’s “dabbing?” Just direct them to Dictionary.com, which added those words and hundreds more to its database this week.

“Many new words came straight from the headlines,” the site said in a blog post, citing the addition of “Black Lives Matter,” “alt-right,” “clicktivism” and “Burkini,” which describes a swimsuit that covers a woman’s body for religious beliefs.

For those non-pot smokers who need to get up to date now that marijuana is legal medically and recreationally in several states (for now), they can now learn about “420” and “Kush.”

Feline fanatics will be happy to know that their favorite “cat cafe” gets their due, as does the self-explanatory “mic-drop” and “bitchface.”

If your friends and family are still on the “struggle bus” with your daily lexicon, have them take Dictionary.com’s handy test, which puts the new words into emoji form.

We bet they’ll soon “slay.”


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