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Does council need a bit of feng shui?

Could a better colour palette make for a better city?

With City Hall’s council chamber accessibility renovations underway, Metro asked a feng shui expert: If further renovations could be undertaken, what could help foster a more nurturing, innovative and co-operative environment?

“Because this room brings together divergent opinions and ideas, the best colour scheme would be one that represents all five elements — water, wood, fire, metal and earth,” said Mia Staysko of White Lotus Interiors.

“This would encourage policy makers to seek equilibrium and balance.”

Currently, the Chamber is mainly metallic with white and grays.

“When metal is out of balance, it can be cold and contracting, seeking perfection rather than compromise,” she said. “Not ideal for government.”

Polarizing issues have plagued city hall this term — the Peace Bridge, Memorial Drive closure, the auditor’s office and most recently, the police budget.

For more stability, Staysko suggests adding earth tones: the use of greens or even better, actual wood or plants.

“This would encourage growth and momentum in decision making,” she said.

A little black, representing water, would bring wisdom; a splash of red, for fire, could add enthusiasm.

Collectively, these changes would cultivate a more flexible, creative space, Staysko explained.

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