Dog-hanging probe ongoing - Metro US

Dog-hanging probe ongoing

The SPCA continues to investigate the discovery of a dog found hanged from a tree in Upper Hammonds Plains Monday afternoon.

While inspecting the fence around the Pockwock watershed in the woods off Pockwock Road, a maintenance man found the young American Staffordshire terrier mix.

“He noticed garbage bags in the woods,” said Judith Gass with the Nova Scotia SPCA. “When he went over to look he noticed a dead dog tied to a fallen tree.”

Gass said the dog, which was probably only about two or three years old, was hanging from the fallen tree by a red collar. A short piece of white, plastic twine was tied from his collar to the tree.
“It was obvious that the dog had choked itself to death trying to get front foot leverage on the ground,” she said.

Also obvious, she said, was that the dog had been deliberately hanged. She said it looked as if the hanging happened recently.

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