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Donald Trump and Melania have touching moments, too

Yes, Donald Trump and Melania hold hands.

The swat seen around the world, sharable though it may seem, is honestly none of our business. The president and first lady have public images, but their private relationship should be just that: private.

Mirth and conjecture flooded the internet after not one but two videos surfaced of what appeared to be Melania Trump avoiding holding hands with President Trump: the first after deplaning in Israel, the second in Rome. The White House photographer for the Obama administration, Pete Souza, even posted a pointed Instagram photo of Michelle and Barack Obama holding hands, as if to taunt Trump and his wife.

But here’s the thing: Life for the average American — let alone for the person holding the most powerful position in U.S. government and the person to whom they’re married — is messy, rife with gray areas and misunderstandings.

A swat, therefore, may only be a swat and nothing more. It could be passing anger over any one of the numerous conflicts in daily married life or a case of perfectly innocent poor timing. We may never know, but as a country, we should be careful about making and perpetuating assumptions about a couple’s marriage based only upon one or two brief snapshots.

What you see on the internet is also rarely the whole picture. So, in an effort to simply balance out the theories generalizing the nature of their marriage with only a couple clips of evidence, we dug through the photos to find examples of touching moments between Donald Trump and Melania. Sure, there’s some hand holding, but you’ll also find examples of them embracing, dancing, laughing and staring at each other with admiration.

Click through the photos above to relive some of their tender moments as we all remind ourselves that marriages, happy or otherwise, are filled with both the good and bad.