Donald Trump keeps shading his younger daughter, Tiffany, on Twitter – Metro US

Donald Trump keeps shading his younger daughter, Tiffany, on Twitter

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By now, we know that a Like on social media speaks louder than words.

It turns out that comma placement and a Like, in combination, can be quite a slap in the face.

On Sunday night, President Trump tweeted about first daughter Ivanka’s upcoming appearance on Fox News’s morning show: “My daughter, Ivanka, will be on @foxandfriends tomorrow morning. Enjoy!”

Grammarians noted that by bookending Ivanka’s name with commas, the president indicated that she is his only daughter.

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The complication there is that she isn’t. Trump has one younger daughter, Tiffany (see what we’re doing here punctuation-wise), from his second marriage, which was to Marla Maples.

His wife Marla Maples. (Again, see what we’re doing here.)

The awkward tweet was noted by other Twitter users.


This has happened before.


And it was noted before.


Compounding the suspicion that this might be the most intentional “accident” since Melania’s inauguration speech, White House national security aide Sebastian Gorka Liked the tweet within 10 minutes of its posting. He apparently un-Liked it at some point, as there’s no record of it on his Twitter account as of today.

This isn’t the first time that the Trump universe has been rocked by a Like. In May, first lady Melania Trump apparently Liked a tweet mocking her marriage. It was only her second Like in seven years.

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After that attracted worldwide media attention, the Like was quickly disappeared, like a digital mob snitch, and Melania said she was “unaware” of the whole thing.