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Donate diapers to a good cause

The second annual Baby Heroes diaper drive kicked off at Kinsgway Garden Mall yesterday morning and organizers hope to be up to their eyeballs in nappies.

Last year’s drive collected 89,433 diapers, and this year organizers want to top that by collecting 150,000 diapers and raising awareness about the program.

Terra – Centre for Pregnant and Parenting Teens has been in operation for 39 years and provides assistance in the form of programs and services for individuals in need in the city. It’s a service that provides options for those who don’t know where to turn.

“I had gone to the Pregnancy Care Centre and they referred me to Terra,” said Ashley Parrish, a Terra spokesperson and recipient.

Parrish lives with her son Mason at the Terra Residence and is working to finish high school.

“It’s a really great way to bring the community something that people get and it’s not a big effort,” said Sylvia Nasseri, board chair of Terra. “These young people with some help at the beginning can be unbelievably successful.”

For more information about the drive and the organization, visit terraassociation.com.

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