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Donations for discounts

Pull out the old Christmas gift ties, dress shirts and slacks because Gio’s Collections for Men and the Salvation Army are in business together.

The men’s clothing store at 615 8 Ave. SW and Sally Ann have teamed up for a special promotion over the next two months, store owner George Condon said.

“A lot of people asked what should they do with their old clothes, and I thought, why not give them to people who need them?” Condon said of his store’s initiative.

Gio’s is accepting donations of used business clothes in April and May, and the more items, the better the discount — up to 25 per cent off for five items.

“I know a lot of guys still have new shirts hanging in their closets they don’t wear anymore, or clothes they grew out of, so it’s a nice thing to do,” he added.

Women can also drop off their old business attire, but the only thing Condon asks is that the clothes are somewhat clean and in somewhat good condition.

Sigrid Mahr of the Salvation Army Centre of Hope said while many people donate winter and summer clothes, business clothes are also in demand.

“The clients can wear the suits and dress clothes to interviews and it can help them attain a job and really help with their self-esteem,” she said. “It’s really important for them.”

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