Don’t want to buy a Wankband? Try the Beater Meter

Beater Meter

Don’t want to buy a separate device to measure your self-love activity like the Wankband? College students Rishub Nagpal and Forrest Cinelli have created an app called the Beater Meter that works with any smart watch you already own – it can even work with your phone. We talked to Nagpal, 18, and Cinelli, 18, about their app.

How is this different from Wankband?

Nagpal: The Wankband is a separate device and you have to purchase it separately. This can work with any smart watch – you just download the app and you can get going. This is more of a statistics tracker and social integration thing. It’s more of a user app than a wristband.

It doesn’t power any energy right?

Nagpal: No.

What are the features of your app?

Nagpal: One of them is social; you can post to your friends on our inside network. If you’re not into that, it’s fine – you can do personalized statistics tracking. We have achievements and a leader board. You can export your data to Excel and we have our own graph program, too. We have a call-screening auto reply.

What does the auto reply say?

Nagpal: You can set a personalized message. Let’s say you get a call from your girlfriend; it can go automatically to voicemail and we have automated text messages like “hey, I’m busy,” “I’m driving” – whatever you want. You can have fun with your hand and get going. Through our Indiegogo page, we can send you a wristband that’s reusable that you can tie to your phone.

There’s another feature – the g-spot finder. It’s not our original idea, but for the Nagpal: PornHub band you need a separate watch for the g-spot feature. You can use your phone with our app; we want to make it easier to make it work for anyone.

How does it work?

Nagpal: Basically it will tell you which direction to go and give you visual cues. Let’s say you have your watch. It uses the accelerometer and g-force sensor inside the watch and it tells you exactly how to move your hand and thrust and create force and frequency.

But what does that have to do with your g-spot?

Nagpal: It helps you locate it basically. It’s for couples. Like if a guy is going down on her. It just tells you how to best stimulate. Usually, we have a tracking algorithm that sees how quickly it happens.

Cinelli: From each session, it’ll record data and use that data to inform instructions in the next session, and it will become more and more accurate and allow you to do it better overall. The user can turn that feature off if they want to.

Rishub: Our app has a flash screen to tell you you’re doing it right, essentially.

You have beta versions?

Rishub: We have an alpha version. Right now, we’re just doing some testing and trying to develop more.

You’ve had people test this out? What is the feedback?

Rishub: [giggles] We haven’t tested the g-spot finder, but for the rest of the app it’s been pretty well received.

When are you hoping to officially launch?

Rishub: We’re hoping for a May/June launch – that’s when our product will be out.

Will it cost money?

Rishub: For right now, no. We’re planning on releasing it for free.

Where do you two attend school?

Rishub: George Mason University.

Cinelli: Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Who had the idea?

Rishub: I was hanging out with some other friends and one had a smart watch and we started teasing him like, “Hey, can you watch porn on it?” and we bounced around ideas and it came to mind and I called Forrest [Cinelli] and we started talking and it just grew.

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