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‘Don’t You’ love being Sandra Bernhard?

The name Sandra Bernhard is synonymous with outrageous.

The self-described “provocateur” has made a long, impressive career out of pushing the limits whether on stage, film or television. Probably most well-known for her groundbreaking turn as the lesbian best friend on the sitcom, “Roseanne” and her numerous wildly entertaining appearances on “Letterman,” the comic/singer is bringing her latest stage show “I Love Being Me, Don’t You?” to Boston this week.

The critically acclaimed show is vintage Bernhard.

“It kind of reflects the global, the political, the emotional, absurd, fun and sexy. It’s sort of introspective, wrapped around different musical elements,” she says. “I definitely want to stir up people and make them look at things. I don’t purposefully try to offend people but I do elicit some very strong reactions. If I’m pushing some button, they’re hiding something.”

She says the show is not just for diehard fans, but those people will have an easier time adjusting.

“Die-hard fans who get me on all the levels of irony and camp are there to go on the crazy ride.

Everyone else sort of tiptoes into it, not really knowing what I do. I don’t think it could possibly turn anyone off. I have great compassion for everyone. I just try to say, ‘Hey, look at this!’ Everybody needs to be called out. I call myself out all the time.”

Though Bernhard loves being the freewheeling, in-your-face diva on stage, she’s quick to point out that’s not who she is offstage.

“It’s a persona, she’s definitely way up there in a place nobody could possibly live,” she says. “I’m a pretty solid citizen. I’m not a drinker, have never been into drugs. I take my daughter to school, I’m a strict disciplinarian. I like doing laundry and washing dishes. But that’s not sexy.”

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