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Doors open for the very curious Ottawa resident

Dorian Ryan knows exactly why he likes Doors Open Ottawa.

“I’ve always been a bit of a curious person, someone who likes to know what’s going on,” said the 32-year-old yesterday. “So I think this is a great idea.”

Thousands of people checked out 119 locations, including embassies, places of worship, galleries, museums and government buildings over the weekend.

About 600 people came through the Library of Parliament, formerly the Bank of Nova Scotia at 125 Sparks St. over the weekend, said staff member Vanessa Hooper.

The library is open to parliamentarians, senators and their staff, as well as employees of the House of Commons, the Senate and the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

People are interested in this location “because it’s not generally open to the public,” said Hooper. “Most often, they’re familiar with the Library of Parliament that’s up on Parliament Hill, the big Centre Block library, so they’re curious to see what we do here and what kinds of books and things we have.”

Over in Manotick, around 800 people stopped by the Suntech Greenhouses to check out the 250,000 tomato plants growing inside the 2.5-acre greenhouse.

“It was actually a lot of fun and very exciting,” said manager Doreen Moore. “It’s excellent. We’re looking forward to it again next year.”

By that time, Moore said, they will have four acres of greenhouse space. Suntech also grows eggplants, mini cucumbers, and cherries.

This is the fifth year the company has participated in Doors Open Ottawa.

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