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Double dose of dining

Block 1912
10361 Whyte Avenue

Death by Chocolate
8137 104 Street

Rating: ****
Signature Dish: Quiche & Salad ($10.99) / Death by Chocolate ($?)
Signature Drink: Italian soda ($4) / Hot Chocolate ($4.28)
Dinner & Dessert for 2: $75

Block 1912’s eclectic flair extends to everything within its walls. From menu to furniture, beverages to desserts, nothing is ever what you expect but everything is exquisite!

After placing my order at the counter, I didn’t have long to wait before I was graced with my quiche and salad combo ($10.99). The eggy pastry had just the right amount of spinach to savour, and my Greek salad — for the first time ever — might have had too much feta. I respect a place that doesn’t skimp on ingredients, let alone flavour.

I slurped down the rest of my cold, fizzy Italian soda ($4), made with a shot of pink grapefruit syrup to give me a spring pick-me-up. I wasn’t dawdling over Block 1912’s extraordinary cakes or gelato today — I had a date waiting for me next door at Death by Chocolate!

My wee-est daughter was turning one, so we treated her to a cream puff ($4.95) while I indecently assaulted a chocolate caramel cake ($6.95). The cake allowed the sweet caramel to take centre stage, and I delighted in both. I paired it with a huge vat of sweet, silky hot chocolate ($4.28).

It was the sweetest birthday party, with the sweetest little girl, at the sweetest places I could imagine.

Dining out in the city

Within the graceful, flowing walls of our new Art Gallery of Alberta, three culinary hot spots are making waves! ZINC (zincrestaurant.ca) features fresh Alberta ingredients fused with local artisan food products. The Terrace Café and L1 Espresso Bar feature coffee and snacks. Why haven’t I been here yet?

Sure, the Kids in the Hall Bistro at City Hall is an admirable program: at-risk youth are given the space to learn valuable work skills in a safe environment. However, you can also pick up a killer club sandwich or tofu stir fry. Every time I’ve been there, every server had a smile and every dish was terrific. Support the cause at www.kidsinthehallbistro.com but go for the food.

In brief

A local beekeeper is teaching a two-day class in raising your own bees. On May 15-16, Patti Milligan of Lola Canola Honey will describe urban bee-keeping. E-mail pattijo@telusplanet.com about the $225 workshop.

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