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Drake and Josh have stopped feuding, thank the heavens

Josh Peck Drake Bell

Drake Bell and Josh Peck — two gentleman who starred in a show called “Drake and Josh” from 2004 to 2007 — were mad at each other for a hot second. But now, they’re not. And they just wanted to make sure you knew, OK?

You see in June, Peck was minding his business and tied the knot with a lady named Paige O’Brien. And even though he invited John Stamos he did not invite his old co-star Bell. And Bell was pissed. “True colors have come out today,” he wrote in a now deleted tweet. “Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss you brother.” Very dramatic!

Now, on a Facebook Live chat over the weekend, the 31-year-old admitted he was just feeling hurt and he lashed out. You know, like 31-year-olds do.

“We’ve been together 18 years, Josh and me, me and Josh,” Bell said to Entertainment Tonight. “We’ve been so close, it was just one of those things where you know, I’d been talking to him, and he’s been telling me about the engagement. And then I saw on social media, the wedding, and I didn’t hear about it. So, it was just one of those things where it was just like, ‘You didn’t even tell me?! I had to find out on social media?’ And then you’re like, ‘You know what!? Fine!’ and then I’m like, wait, I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

No, you shouldn’t have!

Either way, good to know these D-list celebrities are back on good terms.

“It is what it is dude. I love the kid,” Bell said. “So no hard feelings, It’s just when you’ve been so close to somebody for so long, I mean, there’s just certain things that you know, ‘Hey why’d you do that? C’mon man.'”

Congratulations on your resurgence, my dude. Please use it for good and not evil. Thanks, bye!


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