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Driving their business away

New parking regulations in Somerville requiring a permit to park on most side and residential roads have begun to have a negative impact on businesses, particularly those off the main strips.

“I spend more time moving cars around,” said Gary Tronby, owner of Arco Tire & Service on Clarendon Avenue, one of 168 streets which were changed to residential permit parking Jan. 4. “I have to constantly shuffle them around.”

Tronby does this in order to avoid having tickets slapped on cars his customers bring in from places like Medford, Arlington and Cambridge and have to park on the road. They do not have a Somerville parking permit, he does not have the space on his lot and the street is no longer a welcoming place for such vehicles, except on Sundays.

Customers who use the services of Firstcall Computers on Summer Street often lug broken, heavy computer equipment in for a fix. Some have canceled appointments due to parking problems, not wanting to walk blocks with the items in tow.

“It’s just beginning but we have some complaints already,” said Firstcall technician Christian Contao said. “Right now for business it is a very bad thing for Somerville…[Customers] can find another store without this problem.”

Multiple business owners told Metro they were given a chance to have their voices heard, but were unable to stop the measure. Tronby said he is still trying to get his word in with the city.

“I’ve called. They just say someone will get back to you, but they never do.”

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