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DTES community centre gets Games souvenir

A Downtown Eastside community centre is getting $350,000 to refurbish its outdoor sports court — a gift from one of the Olympic sponsors.

Coca-Cola Canada announced yesterday it’s rebuilding the court, which serves RayCam Community Centre users — 45 per cent of them live below the poverty line.

James Naknakin, 17, was part of the committee that drew up the plans for the park. To him, he said, getting a new basketball court is like getting the Superbowl.

“This is one of the craziest things I have ever imagined … I am excited for the youth of the community as the sport court will give people of all ages the chance to play sports and be healthy,” he said.

Coke is also donating 7,000 toques, scarves and vests made from recycled bottles collected at Olympic venues to the community centre.