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Duck death tips wanted

Greenpeace is asking whistleblowers to come forward for tips on other duck deaths across the province in a half-page ad it placed in a northern daily newspaper.

“The Alberta environment needs more people like you,” reads the ad in Fort McMurray Today.
“If anyone has more information on injured wildlife or environmental damage caused by the tarsands, please call 780-430-9292.”

The provincial government heard about 500 ducks that died in a Syncrude tailings pond last week after receiving an anonymous tip.

Greenpeace campaigner Mike Hudema said the whistleblower line is needed after a request for a public inquiry fell on deaf ears.

“There are definitely more stories out there,” Hudema said in a phone interview.

The Ministry of Environment touted the government hotline.

“We encourage people when they see something, with regards to the environment, to call us,” said spokeswoman Kim Capstick.

“We follow up on every call we get … and this (Greenpeace number) may in fact slow down our ability to respond to significant incidents.”

Workers and residents can call the province’s environmental incident hotline at 1-800-222-6514.

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