DVD Pick: Crossing Over – Metro US

DVD Pick: Crossing Over

Crossing Over
Director: Wayne Kramer

Harrison Ford’s artistic losing streak continues with this muddled immigration drama that makes Crash look like some kind of masterpiece. He’s Max Brogan, a veteran agent for the U.S. department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Los Angeles, and also the butt of jokes for his bleeding-heart approach to every border jumper and refugee claimant. Max gets swept away by sympathy for a Mexican single mom (Alice Braga) who is about to be deported, along with her young son. Others, meanwhile, are trying to beat the system — atheist folk singer Gavin (Jim Sturgess) tries to bluff his way into America via a religious exemption; erstwhile actress Claire (Alice Eve) reluctantly agrees to sleep her way in. Crossing Over plays like an overripe pilot for a failed TV series. There are no extras.

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