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DVD Pick: Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body

Karyn Kusama

Had Diablo Cody not charmed all comers and scored an Oscar for her linguistically limber screenplay for Juno, it’s unlikely her sophomore outing with this non-bawdy horror flick would have attracted attention — or disappointment — outside of bored and horny teen boys.

Yet Cody is the pen behind this tepid tale of demonic possession, and that’s the really satanic thing about it. As in, what the hell happened?

Directed by Karyn Kusama, who peaked with her 2000 debut Girlfight, it’s a paint-by-numbers story about demon-possessed high schooler Jennifer (Megan Fox), who runs amok in smalltown America, determined to devour boys in all the wrong ways. Amanda Seyfried is her BFF named Needy, who is supposedly mousey because she wears glasses.

It’s Ginger Snaps without the snap.

The jam-packed extras include a commentary by Cody and Kusama and deleted scenes.

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